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What are “space-grade” IoT standards?

The term “space-grade” signifies that our technology meets the stringent standards required for space missions. Our flagship device, the denMACH ONE has undergone a wide range of extensive testing to ensure its efficiency and durability in extreme conditions. These tests, conducted by NASA and ESA, guarantee the unparalleled reliability and performance of our technology, both on Earth and in space. With certifications from renowned agencies, our device is engineered to withstand the harshest environments imaginable, making it the ideal choice for applications where reliability is paramount.


No maintenance, high perfromance and ultra versatility

SpaceTech denMACH's denMACH ONE device, showcasing advanced space-grade IoT technology for reliable and efficient global data monitoring and connectivity.

Our flagship device, the denMACH ONE, utilizes advanced satellite IoT technology initially designed for space applications and further developed to provide monitoring capabilities to industries across the globe. The device has undergone intensive testing to ensure its efficiency and durability in extreme conditions, including a space launch. The Danish-designed device seamlessly integrates into various environments and industries, providing unparalleled monitoring capabilities on a global scale. The denMACH ONE embodies SpaceTech denMACH’s mission, catalyzing enhanced operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and sustainability.


Comprehensive data for reliable energy distribution.

Smart Farming

Turn your farm into a smart farm with precision agriculture.

Renewable Energy

Optimize energy production with proactive data insights.


Improve supply chains with global data connectivity.


Streamline environmental compliance and reporting.

Forest Protection

Sensor networks for sustainable forest protection.

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The denMACH ONE launches to the International Space Station

In a historic moment, SpaceTech denMACH, a Danish start-up, successfully launched its innovative IoT device, denMACH ONE, to the International Space Station (ISS) at 03:28 CEST on Friday, November 10, 2023. The device will be received by the commander on the ISS, Andreas Mogensen, marking the beginning of an exciting collaboration between SpaceTech denMACH, ESA, and NASA.