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Renewable Energy

Harnessing IoT SATCOM technology for automated monitoring and maximized sustainable energy output.

tailored solutions

Elevating wind farm efficiency worldwide.

SpaceTech denMACH addresses concerns related to turbine maintenance compliance and costly manual inspections. By leveraging cutting-edge IoT SATCOM technology, our solutions offer seamless, automated monitoring for wind farms globally. This enables our customers to automate the monitoring processes and ensure maintenance is conducted when needed. By leveraging our solutions, we optimize your turbines’ lifespan and maximize the energy output of sustainable energy resources.

Customizable sensors.

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis.

Raw and processed data options.

Optimized latency.

Choose between high and low latency.

Reach new heights with IoT.

Our innovative data logger, seamlessly integrated onto a drone, presents a versatile solution to streamline manual documentation processes, ensuring precision in control procedures and compliance with industry standards. SpaceTech denMACH pioneers data-driven decision-making for your wind turbine maintenance projects, bringing efficiency and automation to the forefront of the industry.


Cost-effective and automated data insights.

1. Issues.

  • Traditional manual inspections are time-consuming and dangerous.

  • Maintenance, especially in offshore environments, can be costly.

  • Wind turbines are constantly exposed to harsh conditions, resulting in wear and tear and limitations.

2. Solutions.

  • Automated inspections via IoT SATCOM technology.
  • Insights on precise GNSS position, height of the maintenance engineer, temperature, humidity, pressure at maintenance sites, and more.
  • Data reports for timely assurance of maintenance compliance.

3. Business value.

  • Cost-effective automated inspections.
  • Early detection of maintenance requirements.
  • Prevention of equipment failures and breakdowns.
  • Extended lifespan of turbines.

Pioneering renewable energy solutions.

SpaceTech denMACH is committed to advancing our technology, seamlessly aligning with the principles of sustainable energy practices, and optimizing the energy output of renewable solutions.