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Renewable Energy

Harness the power of data insights for reliable energy output and cost-effective regulatory compliance.


Elevating wind farm efficiency worldwide

Experience a new era in wind farm management with SpaceTech denMACH’s cutting-edge end-to-end solutions for the renewable energy industry. Our satellite IoT technology enables you to choose specific sensors and satellite connectivity, providing accurate data to proactively address maintenance concerns and automate inspection and reporting processes. By leveraging space-grade technology, we help you reduce the costs of monitoring and reporting processes for your wind farms while ensuring optimized turbine lifespans.

IoT sensor for data collection and monitoring in various applications, illustrating.

Customizable sensors

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis

AI-powered data dashboards.

Satellite illustration representing the use of advanced IoT technology for global data connectivity.

Optimized latency

Real-time global data insights.

Reach new heights with the denMACH ONE

Attach SpaceTech denMACH’s data logger seamlessly to operational turbine workers, wind turbines, and monitoring drones to create a comprehensive overview of your operations. The denMACH ONE can reach any location. Our satellite IoT solution guarantees unparalleled precision in control procedures worldwide. Soar to new heights of data and automation and position your company at the forefront with SpaceTech denMACH.


Cost-effective and automated data insights

Icon of a checklist representing various issues that IoT technology can solve.

1. Issues

  • Maintenance is costly and difficult to predict, especially in offshore environments.
  • Traditional manual inspections are time-consuming and pose safety risks.
  • Lack of performance data affects the energy output.

2. Solutions

  • We deliver proactive data to predict maintenance needs.
  • We deliver data reports, ensuring cost-effective regulatory compliance and control.
  • We automate the monitoring of turbine performances for reliable energy production.
The dollar sign icon represents the business value SpaceTech denMACH can create, including cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability for various industries.

3. Business value

  • Maximized efficiency and longevity of turbines.
  • Cost-effective inspections and reporting.
  • Increased yield and energy production.

Powering a sustainable tomorrow

SpaceTech denMACH is committed to optimizing your wind farm’s energy output. Leverage the capabilities of our space-grade solutions to pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow, where sustainable energy and satellite IoT go hand in hand.