SpaceTech denMACH’s technology combines satellite connectivity (satcom), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) into one compact, revolutionizing monitoring solution. We focus on delivering end-to-end solutions, including the required sensors, data latency, and dashboards designed to meet our partners’ unique needs.

Traditionally, control and monitoring solutions in remote areas have been both costly and complex. However, our solutions automate these processes, providing financially viable global data solutions and enabling proactive insights through real-time analytics.


No maintenance, high perfromance and ultra versatility

The denMACH ONE is a space-grade satellite IoT device that provides seamless adaptability and optimal performance. We customize our device to integrate with various sensors and connect to a variety of satellite connectivity providers, ensuring real-time data connectivity for our partners regardless of location. At SpaceTech denMACH, we prioritize your unique needs and offer a tailored approach to help enhance your processes and maximize efficiency. Experience the power of customization and thrive with the denMACH ONE.

denMACH ONE specification

Product benefits

Small but powerful


Low-cost satellite modem optimized for IoT.


Supports a large number of sensors for versatile monitoring capabilities.


Supports various satellite connectivity providers for global real-time coverage.


Integrated antenna and battery.


The size of a power bank.


Long battery life (5 years)


Can withstand harsh environments.

How it works

Precision and accuracy

Tailor our solutions to the model that suits your business in just three steps.

IoT sensor monitoring

Step 1: Sensors

Do you need to monitor location, air pressure, environmental conditions, or vibrations? Our device can connect to a wide range of sensors that best suit your requirements.

Satcom IoT

Step 2: Connectivity

Once sensors are installed, we establish connectivity through our gateway or directly with the required satellite partners to provide the necessary data for optimized operations.

IoT Data Packages

Step 3: Data packages

Access affordable data dashboards for a user-friendly and comprehensive overview of your data and timely warnings and alerts to address any emerging issues proactively.

Customization to your needs customers

SpaceTech denMACH unlocks the full potential of your business with our tailored solutions designed to optimize data operations and performance. Let us take a deep dive into your specific needs and customize our space-grade IoT solutions accordingly. Express your interestand embark on a journey of innovation together.