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Forest Protection

Embracing realtime data monitoring for forest protection and sustainable ecosystems.


Streamline forest management with IoT technology

In the face of evolving challenges in traditional forest management, SpaceTech denMACH can seamlessly integrate real-time environmental monitoring for fire alerts and warnings for preventive and actionable search and rescue operations. Leveraging the advantages of satellite IoT technology, our solution establishes a robust and reliable monitoring network, even in the most remote forest locations worldwide. SpaceTech denMACH ensures a proactive approach to forest protection, safeguarding our natural resources for future generations.

IoT sensor for data collection and monitoring in various applications, illustrating.

Customizable sensors

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis

AI-powered data dashboards.

Satellite illustration representing the use of advanced IoT technology for global data connectivity.

Optimized latency

Real-time global data insights.

SpaceTech denMACH's monitoring IoT sensors form a grid-based system for forest protection, providing real-time alerts for events like deforestation or forest fires.

Monitor your forest with communicating sensors

Strategically positioned throughout the forest, our monitoring sensors form a grid-based system, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every woodland corner. Seamlessly communicating with a central hub, our satellite IoT device transmits crucial data to our partners, providing real-time alerts for events like deforestation or forest fires. This dynamic architecture enables immediate actions, regardless of location.


Cost-effective and automated data insights

Icon of a checklist representing various issues that IoT technology can solve.

1. Issues

  • Late detection of forest fires can result in swift and widespread ecosystem destruction.
  • Locating exact fire locations is challenging, particularly in remote forested areas.

2. Solutions

  • Smoke and fire sensors detect potential fire risk and send real-time alerts.
  • Geo-positioning enables the precise location of incidents.
The dollar sign icon represents the business value SpaceTech denMACH can create, including cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability for various industries.

3. Business value

  • Cost-effective forest management.
  • Mitigated risk of fires escalating into catastrophic events.
  • Reduced deforestation through proactive data insights.

Join SpaceTech denMACH for a sustainable tomorrow

SpaceTech denMACH is not just envisioning a future of sustainable forest management. We are taking the lead. Our real-time data monitoring empowers you to manage forest ecosystems. Join us in shaping a sustainable tomorrow where innovation and ecological preservation converge.