SpaceTech denMACH in construction

Streamlining construction site processes and empowering proactive decisions via customized IoT solutions.

tailored solutions

Revolutionizing construction in remote frontiers.

At SpaceTech denMACH, we recognize the distinct challenges faced by the construction industry, particularly in adhering to increasing documentation requirements and navigating evolving regulations. Our dedicated IoT SATCOM solutions are crafted to provide insights to elevate the precision and efficiency of construction operations. We offer an all-in-one solution in any location, empowering our customers to tailor data collection to seamlessly cover their requirements. SpaceTech denMACH is committed to streamlining daily operations and boosting productivity on construction sites.

Customizable sensors.

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis.

Raw and processed data options.

Optimized latency.

Choose between high and low latency.

Wear the data logger.

Introducing our state-of-the-art wearable IoT data logger, seamlessly integrated into the construction industry. Our technology provides construction teams with instant insights into site conditions via specialized satellite connections. Elevate your sustainability efforts and compliance practices with our wearable IoT data logger, combining advanced sensor technology with seamless functionality for a futuristic experience.


Cost-effective and automated data insights.

1. Issues.

  • Manual data collection hinders operational efficiency and introduces errors.
  • Increasing compliance with industry and EU standards and certifications.
  • Outdated practices limit data connectivity.
  • Inadequate security measures pose risks, particularly in remote sites.

2. Solutions.

  • Automated alerts can be generated in case of potential safety hazards.
  • Embedded sensors can monitor activities and environmental conditions.
  • Automated collection and logging for CO2, environmental conditions, energy consumption, and other critical parameters.

3. Business value.

  • Reduced costs and increased productivity.
  • Optimized documentation processes and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Enhanced worker safety and reduced accidents. 

Positioning your company as a leader.

Our technology becomes indispensable by empowering proactive decisions and responding rapidly to environmental changes, elevating your business.