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Streamlining logistics supply chains with real-time data insights.


Comprehensive data insights for transparent shipments

Discover the safety of cost-effective cargo data insights, regardless of location. Our satellite IoT technology offers customized end-to-end solutions, allowing them to personalize data collection, latency, and insights according to their unique requirements. We deliver AI analysis with various specialized data models to optimize productivity and simplify documentation processes. Partner with SpaceTech denMACH for seamless global connectivity.

IoT sensor for data collection and monitoring in various applications, illustrating.

Customizable sensors

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis

AI-powered data dashboards.

Satellite illustration representing the use of advanced IoT technology for global data connectivity.

Optimized latency

Real-time global data insights.

SpaceTech denMACH's denMACH ONE device, showcasing advanced space-grade IoT technology for reliable and efficient global data monitoring and connectivity.

Attach the denMACH ONE for global coverage

Our flagship device, the denMACH ONE, is a robust IoT solution that originated as a space-grade innovation aboard the International Space Station. It has since been further developed to meet the needs of businesses and offer unparalleled value. With customizable sensors tailored to your data requirements, it seamlessly integrates into your operations. Attach the denMACH ONE to containers, vehicles, and other essential components to establish a comprehensive monitoring network for your supply chains.


Cost-effective and automated data insights

Icon of a checklist representing various issues that IoT technology can solve.

1. Issues

  • Global real-time data tracking is costly.
  • Lack of data connectivity results in vulnerable product quality.
  • Manual reporting of cargo conditions is time-consuming and prone to errors.

2. Solutions

  • Our end-to-end traceability ensures optimized supply chain management.
  • Continuous monitoring ensures optimal product quality.
  • We automate data reporting processes for reliable regulatory compliance.
The dollar sign icon represents the business value SpaceTech denMACH can create, including cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability for various industries.

3. Business value

  • Reduced costs associated with global cargo monitoring.
  • Increasing product yield from optimal product conditions.
  • Cost-effective and reliable regulatory reporting.

Empowering proactive decisions and swift responses

SpaceTech denMACH’s space-grade satellite IoT technology is crucial in empowering logistics businesses with proactive data insights. We enable rapid responses to cargo condition changes and problem-solving decisions before they escalate.