SpaceTech denMACH in

Global data collection and continual monitoring for optimal cargo conditions, secure supply chains.

tailored solutions

Optimizing documentation processes and daily operations.

We at SpaceTech denMACH acknowledge the growing documentation demands and the need to monitor cargo in regions with limited connectivity. Via customized IoT SATCOM operation, our solutions are committed to operating seamlessly in any location, allowing our customers to tailor data collection, frequency, and insights according to their specific requirements to ensure optimal conditions of shipments. SpaceTech denMACH is devoted to optimizing your shipment processes, streamlining day-to-day operations, and significantly enhancing overall productivity in the logistics sector.

Customizable sensors.

Tailored monitoring to your business needs.

Intelligent data analysis.

Raw and processed data options.

Optimized latency.

Choose between high and low latency.

Engineered for maximum efficiency.

The denMACH ONE is an all-in-one powerhouse designed to amplify efficiency, embrace simplicity, seamlessly integrate into your business processes, and optimize your logistics business by tailoring it to your unique needs and adapting it to define the purpose of your operations.


Cost-effective and automated data insights.

1. Issues.

  • Lack of monitoring beyond cellular reach leads to inefficiencies, product spoilage, and compromised quality.
  • Traditional systems struggle to provide accurate and timely data, leaving the supply chain vulnerable.

2. Solutions.

  • Precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2.
  • Unprecedented control and visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • End-to-end traceability of shipments worldwide.
  • Security and safeguard against unauthorized access.

3. Business value.

  • Reduced carrying costs and ensured integrity of sensitive shipments.
  • Improved operational efficiency and supply chain transparency.
  • Optimal quality and integrity of goods 
  • Compliance with industry regulations.

Empowering proactive decisions and swift responses.

Our technology becomes indispensable by empowering proactive decisions and responding rapidly to condition changes regardless of location, securing end-to-end traceability of your shipments.