Industries we serve

At SpaceTech denMACH, we harness the power of IoT SATCOM technology for a wide range of industries, offering cost-effective monitoring solutions that drive proactive decision-making. Our partners operate in various sectors, often facing remote or challenging environments. We specialize in developing technical applications that provide seamless connectivity and real-time analytics tailored to their specific requirements. SpaceTech denMACH aims to facilitate tailored data solutions for companies and contribute to optimized and sustainable operations worldwide.


Real-time monitoring for grid stability and reliable energy infrastructure.

Increasingly, technology plays a central role in developing energy infrastructure and providing solutions to the utility sector for more efficient and reliable energy distribution. Our technology can be deployed in remote regions where maintenance and monitoring of critical infrastructure systems are particularly challenging by automating traditional and costly processes. SpaceTech denMACH leverages IoT SATCOM technology for our clients to prevent power loss, plan maintenance, and reduce expenses.

Smart Farming

Identifying needs in smart farming and promoting sustainable agriculture.

With a growing global population and increasing pressure on land use, it is more important than ever that we use precious resources efficiently to maximize productivity and reduce waste. By providing real-time insights and fostering precision agriculture, our solution can play a vital role in providing data, especially in remote regions. Monitoring crop growth, environmental conditions, soil conditions, and weather patterns will enable our customers to optimize efficiency and improve sustainable farming.

Renewable Energy

Optimizing turbine performance and inspection of wind turbines.

Renewable energy resources are often located in remote areas, making them difficult to monitor and maintain. However, SpaceTech denMACH removes the physical maintenance checks and repetitive data logging actions by automating the monitoring processes. By presenting a compact and robust solution tailored to customer needs, this innovation reduces costs and maximizes the efficiency of sustainable energy resources.


Improving supply chains through better visibility and real-time data.

When transporting goods beyond cellular reach, ensuring the integrity and quality of sensitive products remains crucial. SpaceTech denMACH offers continuous monitoring for your cargo and containers, irrespective of location, utilizing IoT SATCOM technology. This minimizes the necessity for costly physical checks, bolsters customer security, and ensures delivery integrity.


Boosting documentation and operational processes via accurate and automated data.

SpaceTech denMACH understands the demanding nature of the construction industry, marked by growing documentation requirements, ongoing data management, and strict quality and sustainability controls. Our state-of-the-art IoT SATCOM technology empowers construction teams with precise insights and global coverage, facilitating continuous monitoring of crucial factors at construction sites. We provide a tailored IoT data collection and analysis solution designed to meet our client’s specific needs, ushering in a future where innovation optimizes documentation and operational processes for heightened efficiency.

Forest Protection

Providing early warnings of forest fires through real-time intelligence for a sustainable tomorrow.

At SpaceTech denMACH, we grasp our forests’ vulnerability and immeasurable value. Driven by this understanding, we utilize IoT SATCOM solutions to prevent forest fires, acknowledging forests’ critical role as sustainable ecosystems. Therefore, we lead the way toward a future where cutting-edge technology seamlessly coexists with the principles of ecological preservation to create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Customized to your specific operational needs

We offer solutions to a wide range of industries to address the challenges organizations face in the twenty-first century. All our products are developed in collaboration with our customers to meet their operational requirements and improve efficiencies. Contact our team to find out how we can help you.