SpaceTech denMACH to bring stem learning to schools from the international space station

June 27, 2022

SpaceTech denMACH’s Rock-IoT Science mission will give school children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design and conduct experiments, performed in zero gravity by Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen on the International Space Station (ISS). The project is based on SpaceTech denMACH’s ONE IoT satellite modem and integrated with the SPIKE Prime STEM learning tool from LEGO Education.

The mission will take place during Mogensen’s 2023 command of the ISS, and students can experience programming, space technologies, satellite communication, design and implementation of a space mission, supported with data analysis. Throughout his 6 months tenure, Danish, Faroese, and Greenlandic children can play a role in a true space mission from pre-flight through to mission debrief.

Learners will experience a unique opportunity to learn about IoT data and SATCOM which form key elements of the fourth industrial revolution and are designated by the UN as an important tool for sustainability. They will also gain exposure to the space industry, its technologies, and the fascinating careers that exist within the sector. Bringing real-world satellite communications into classrooms at a young age can give a real boost to relevant STEM career choices.

We are delighted to support Denmark in the role of a true space nation and to boost student STEM engagement through Rock-IoT Science.

Astronaut Andreas Mogensen