Danish start-up launches groundbreaking IoT device to The International Space Station


NOVEMBER 10, 2023

The device will be received by the commander on the ISS, Andreas Mogensen, marking the beginning of an exciting collaboration between SpaceTech denMACH, ESA, and NASA.

In a historic moment, SpaceTech denMACH, a Danish start-up, successfully launched its innovative IoT device, denMACH ONE, to the International Space Station (ISS) at 03:28 CEST on Friday, November 10, 2023. The device was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

It is a historic moment for SpaceTech denMACH, the CCO says:

– We are over the moon about the successful launch and the partnership we have established with ESA, NASA, and Andreas Mogensen on the ISS. This is an essential milestone in SpaceTech denMACH’s history. However, this is just the beginning for our revolutionary IoT device, stated Nils Isbak, Chief Commercial Officer of SpaceTech denMACH.

Education in space technology with an astronaut
This significant achievement was made possible by a collaboration between SpaceTech denMACH and ESA, NASA, and the astronaut Andreas Mogensen, and it is set to revolutionize education in space technology.

As the ISS commander, Andreas Mogensen will play a pivotal role in receiving the denMACH ONE and conducting four experiments in a weightless environment to explore the unique conditions aboard the ISS. During the experiments, the device will collect data that will later be transferred to schools with the aim of educating students in space technology, programming, satellite communication, and the work of designing and implementing a space mission through engaging classroom activities.

– The denMACH ONE represents our commitment to advancing innovative space technology to provide students in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland the opportunity to take part in a genuine space mission, said Nils Isbak, Chief Commercial Officer of SpaceTech denMACH, and continues:

– We can hardly wait to see Andreas Mogensen and students throughout The Kingdom of Denmark use the denMACH ONE to contribute to and gain insight into the vast potential of the space industry.

The delivery of the denMACH ONE to the ISS is expected to occur at 12:21 CEST on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

denMACH ONE on LEGO Spike Prime

SpaceTech denMACH’s IoT device, denMACH ONE, is plugged on top of LEGO’s Spike Prime Kit with sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors.

About the denMACH CODE Challenge
SpaceTech denMACH has named the project on the ISS the “denMACH CODE Challenge,” consisting of four unique experiments that Andreas Mogensen will conduct using SpaceTech denMACH’s IoT device, denMACH ONE. denMACH CODE Challenge is one of 10 Danish projects selected by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark and approved by the European Space Agency (ESA) for execution on the ISS.

About SpaceTech denMACH
SpaceTech denMACH is a Danish company that designs and develops specialized and customizable solutions to transform industries into Smart Industries through advanced satellite communication (SATCOM) and Internet of Things (IoT). SpaceTech denMACH’s purpose is to effectively utilize resources and reduce waste for companies, industries, and governments, ultimately contributing to a greener, more sustainable, and smarter planet.

Tobias Hochreuter
Press Officer, SpaceTech denMACH
E-mail: Tobias@denmach.space
Phone: (+45) 42 66 64 30