Danish space engineers partner with Oxford-based international satellite network service

June 26, 2022

The Danish space engineering company SpaceTech denMACH, and UK-based Lacuna Space announce a “preferred partner agreement” at The Things Network, Amsterdam, forming a joint mission to boost the efficiency and reach of low-cost IoT data transfer for end-users.

SpaceTech denMACH has formed a partnership agreement with Lacuna Space, the leading network provider for direct-to-satellite LoRa standard connectivity.

SpaceTech denMACH and Lacuna Space have developed a unique solution using space-grade hardware, versatile software, and a network of global connectivity to move short data messages at ultra-low cost to end-users. The Danish engineers have developed their compact and versatile sensor and relay equipment “DenMACH ONE” which will be carried through Lacuna’s global network in NRT, enabling companies and industries to make quick and cost-saving decisions on their logistics planning ultimately saving natural resources worldwide.

CEO and co-founder of SpaceTech denMACH Sheila Christiansen on the partnership:

“We are extremely excited to provide full turnkey solutions to all industries and in turn support people, companies, and governments to best utilize our planet’s resources. Partnering with Lacuna’s satellite network means we provide seamless connectivity in the most affordable and resource-efficient way. With this partnership, we can receive valuable and game-changing data from the most remote areas in real-time at a very low cost for the end user”

Sheila’s background in international space technology in projects with both ESA and NASA led to an ambition to revolutionize global interconnectivity through a game-changing, energy, and cost-efficient satellite communication (SATCOM) device. Now SpaceTech denMACH strives to deliver full visibility and near real-time communication to the entire planet; offering governments and NGOs, global companies, and whole industries a completely new set of unseen opportunities to compete in a fast-moving global economy.

Global markets demand faster and more versatile data collection

Rob Spurred, CEO & co-founder of Lacuna Space sees the partnership with the Danish space engineering start-up as the next natural step in the growth of the fourth generation of technology and especially smart, democratized, and low-cost satellite communication.

“SpaceTech denMACH is a great partner for Lacuna, not only because of their deep involvement in the space segment but more importantly their expertise in specific IoT vertical markets. SpaceTech denMACH works in close sync with their customers to build bespoke IoT solutions and have sprinted forward to be the first to embed Lacuna’s connectivity in their own devices,” said Rob Spurred, CEO & co-founder of Lacuna Space.

Together the two companies have identified data opportunities in SMART Agriculture, Logistics & Shipping, and Education as their first focus, addressing the global market’s demand for faster and more versatile data.

The partners showcased their new working relationship at The Things Conference in Amsterdam on 23.09.22.

Lacuna Space, a UK and Dutch entity with headquarters in Oxford, is recognized as the leader in scalable direct-to-satellite IoT solutions based on the open and interoperable LoRaWAN® standard. The Lacuna Network enables multiple constellations of Lacuna and third-party satellites to meld together, forming the most robust and field proven IoT service for our customers. Operating a wholesale model, Lacuna empowers service providers and systems integrators to extend the limited coverage footprint of LoRaWAN® networks around the globe with ubiquitous low-power, low-cost connectivity.